Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas crafting

I've made a few more Christmas cards but posted them before taking photos. I've just about finished Christmas present making/wrapping/buying. There are just a couple more I'd like to do. I had hoped to make CD case calendars but time has run out. That's a next year project.

Here are the gift I've made for my mum.

A framed set of quilled daffodils, and a crocheted brooch.

I've done this wreath

It's decorated with the die cuts from the blog candy I won.

Finally here is our tree

Looks a bit like we just threw a bunch of beads at it, but my little girl likes it :)


  1. Hello,glad to meet you.
    Mum loved you more for your talent and for those splendid gifs,I'm sure.

  2. Nice present! I especially like the crocheted brooch and the quelled daffodils. Flowers have always been inspiring decorative motives and are beautiful in all forms that they appear. I also like the way you decorated the tree. I hope you had a nice Christmas evening, with many presents, together with your family.

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